Holidays calling

Holidays calling

xmas-treeWith the end of the year fast approaching, we would like to thank all the organisations and staff we have worked with this year. Thank you for allowing us to make a difference, for listening, and for your partnership. We are passionate about making a difference, and reducing our impacts on the environment, and we can’t do it without you!

There are so many ways you can reduce your impact on the environment, whilst at the same time, having fun and saving money. This is especially relevant at this time of the year when consumption can tend to get a bit out of control!

Here’s a few to get you thinking:

Don’t over cater your food during the holidays. Think back to last year – did you have way too much food left over that went to waste?  How about saving money and valuable resources by not over catering?

Buy less, make more. Nothing means more to someone than the effort you have gone to making something simple than buying something that may end up only being used once.

Don’t buy gifts at all and focus on spending special time together with the people that really matter in your life because we don’t get enough of that throughout the year.

Buy Christmas presents that are experiences instead of things. Create memories, not waste!

We wish you a peaceful and safe holiday season, and a fantastic 2017.

From the team at Great Forest Australia.


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