A is for attitude

A is for attitude


It took me many years to fully appreciate what my secondary school Principal had meant when he said, “There are three important things in life: attitude, attitude, attitude”.

I think this rings true for everything in life. Without being aware of it, we all have filters, which are like attitudes, shaping our beliefs, our mood, our actions and the conversations we have with others. For example, some people get really annoyed or angry when they see someone else doing the ‘wrong thing’ when it comes to recycling. They say, “What’s the point in me doing my bit and recycling when there are so many others who are not”. Fair point really, but this attitude can not only be disheartening, but completely dis-empowering.

Bring this out to a a bigger picture; climate change.  Depending on which way you look at it, I could be completely overwhelmed by the negative statistics and direction in which we are headed, or choose to look at how I can be part of the movement to reduce our impacts on the environment.

This may be a bit simplistic, but my point is that we are pretty much unaware of how our attitudes are playing out in our lives. And I have some extra good news about this! Once we uncover these attitudes, particularly the attitudes that cause us to be unhappy, stressed, resigned or disillusioned, we can do something about it! Transform it, chuck it away, or create an empowering attitude. After all, an attitude is not the truth, it does not have to stay. It can be moulded, changed or replaced. It really is a choice.

This may lead you to start considering changing what you read or watch. You might like to seek good news stories, or join your community group and start taking actions. Surround yourself with people who are making a difference in what ever field they are passionate about.

The options are endless!

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