Tips for Conscious Consuming this Christmas
Conscious Consuming

Tips for Conscious Consuming this Christmas

It is only couple of weeks away now until Christmas day so the frenzy of shopping for the big day is in full swing. This Christmas, taking time to be conscious about your consuming can help reduce the amount of waste that will end up in landfill after the festive season.

To help you in the office and at home, Great Forest created a video that demonstrates what we do when we conduct waste audits. It’s a bit of an eye opener as to how much waste we easily produce without thinking about it too much. A lot of it ends up in landfill when it can be recycled. The more waste we can divert from going into landfill this Christmas the better, especially on the big day with our food waste. Recent studies show that 60% of landfill content is garden and food waste. This waste is worse for the environment when sent to landfill, as it produces methane, a greenhouse gas as it decomposes. So leading up to Christmas this year, watch and share the video and use these tips to do your bit to divert as much waste as possible going into landfill.

Tips for Conscious Consuming

  1. Re-use Christmas decorations in the office and home rather than disposing of them after the festive period
  2. Plan Christmas parties with the resulting waste in mind – use recyclable or reusable plates, glasses, decorations etc and make sure they go into the correct recycling waste stream at the end
  3. Buy Christmas presents that are experiences instead of things
  4. Think about how you wrap your presents this year – using brown paper that can be recycled is a much better option than plastic base wrapping paper that ends up in landfill
  5. Set up a compost at home for the festive food waste or look at introducing an organic waste collection stream in the office
  6. Buy less, make more. Nothing means more to someone than the effort you have gone to making something simple than buying something that may end up only being used once. Apparently 95% of what we purchase is only used once then disposed of typically ending up in landfill
  7. Spend your hard earned money by donating it to a charity as a Christmas gift
  8. Do a Kris Kringle for the family and buy one significant gift of meaning for one person rather than lots of little ‘have to’ presents that people don’t need or want
  9. Re-purpose something you already have as a gift…one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure
  10. Don’t buy gifts at all and focus on spending special time together with the people that really matter in your life because we don’t get enough of that throughout the year.

From us all here at Great Forest Australia, have a consciously consumed and really enjoyable Christmas break and we look forward to working with you all in 2016!

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