Freshwater Place, Melbourne

In February 2007, the property’s management engaged Great Forest Australia to conduct a comprehensive waste audit, evaluate tenants’ recycling practices, and use the findings to improve recycling from its then current rate of 40%.

Following the introduction of a revamped building-wide program in mid-2007 for a wide range of materials, including paper, cardboard, mixed glass, plastic, metal, organic material, electronic waste, and bulk metal, Great Forest Australia undertook a second audit to assess the impact of the new program.

This audit found that the building’s recycling rate had increased from 40% to 78%, a 95% increase in effectiveness.

Throughout the implementation process, Great Forest Australia engaged effectively with all tenants and was successful in achieving 100% voluntary participation in the new program, including overcoming the challenge of how to get the complex’s busy food retailers involved.

Six years later, the program continues to perform strongly, diverting over 100 tonnes per year of paper and cardboard and 35 tonnes of food waste from landfill, which has reduced associated greenhouse emissions by 280 tonnes per year.